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Wild Prairie Lodge Whitehorse, South Dakota, our prairie bird wingshooting destination.

Hunting with so many dedicated wingshooters over the years and the success of our English Setters, Double Gun Bird Hunts has added Wild Prairie Lodge for our wild prairie bird hunts. Having been associated with the lodge for the past 5 years the opportunity came for Little Moran and Double Gun LLC to bring the two together. As of April 1 2016 Double Gun became sole proprietor of the SD lodge, combining staff and the endorsement of Orvis as a Wingshooting Outfitter.

Throughout my travels with Purina and as guest of various lodges there was no question about adding Wild Prairie to Double Gun Bird Hunts. I am a wild bird, bird hunter…pure and simple, it is who I am. It is not about taking game, but how the game is taken. We are not a numbers or high volume lodge, but rather  a place for those who seek a rich tradition of bird hunting behind great dogs, shooting fine guns with a spirit rich in tradition.

We are about dogs finding birds, a reverence for the sport,  where a bird or birds beat us we will tip our hat to them wishing them well. There is no question we are here to pull the trigger, but in a way that shows respect to the game and our dogs who found them. Wild game birds test  a  dog  in the best of ways, seldom allowing a dog to crowd them. Prairie birds, sharp-tail grouse, prairie chicken and huns are some of the spookiest by taking flight as a dog or predator approaches, their uncanny ability to flush beyond the gun make them a true sporting bird, it is here where exceptional bird dogs are worth their weight in gold.                                                                                                                                                             There are many places that offer more high volume shooting and taking of game, we’re glad they exist, however we are the place for those who seek the “smoke from the alter” enjoying every aspect of the day, the land, birds, great fellowship and the dogs with the gratitude of just being here and to live experience.

We are a small lodge with 8 guest rooms where all who come here are on the same page about tradition and devotion to the sport.                                                                                              A typical day is 2 guns, dogs, a passionate guide and lots of walking…there is an old bird hunters saying that is…”It’s legs that shoot birds”, totally true, however  the  days you hunt with us are your days and we hunt according your desires, as long or as hard as you want to hunt. It’s not all about killing.

It is our great fortune to have Wild Prairie as our South Dakota destination, if it were not for the great opportunity of prairie birds Double Gun Bird Hunts would not be here.dancing sharps 4


About doublegunbirdhunts

Professional upland Bird Hunting Guide Professional Pointing Dog Trainer English Setter Breeder
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